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Project Management


Project Management introduces the topic from the perspective of the manager who will be responsible for organizing, planning, implementing, resourcing, budgeting, scheduling, controlling, and evaluating a project through its entire life cycle.
Generally accepted standard techniques for doing cost/benefit estimates, project simulations, risk analysis, adjustments for unplanned occurrences, and cost/scheduling integration will be presented. Students will be exposed to the traditional methods of planning and control such as Gantt charting, PERT diagramming, earned value techniques, and project auditing. There will be limited discussion of contract and procurement strategies, and the legal issues associated with them.

  •   Appreciate the importance of effective holistic governance over a project in terms of the project's goals and in concert with the strategic objectives of the entire organization
  • Understand basic techniques for planning, implementing, and evaluating a project in terms of scheduling, resourcing, and coordinating the various parts of the project
  • Effectively estimate resource cost and capacity
  • Apply standard project management principles in ways that are suitable to the needs of the particular project
  • Be comfortable in an environment where unplanned occurrences must be treated as “business as usual”


“ Interactive discussion
“ PowerPoint presentation
“ Brain Storming
“ Video show
“ Exercise

Contents of Training:

# Project Definition and Setting Scope of Work
# Role of Project Manager and other key staff
# Project Time/Resource Allocation
# Precedence Relationships of Project Parts
# Project Sequencing
# Staffing/skill identification, utilization and evaluation
# Cost estimating, budgeting and controlling
# Communications within the project team and to external stakeholders
# Project Documentation
# Quality evaluation, testing and reporting
# Project Procurement and Contracting
# Risk Management and Reduction
# Project Post-mortem(s)

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The course is designed for Senior and Mid Level Project Management Professionals from any sector, Business Managers who wants to develop efficient Project Management and also those who are looking forward to pursue career in Project Management within the government or private sector.

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